Open the tall wooden church doors to Electric Wilburland Studio...sunlight bounces through the stained glass, off the hardwood floors, and around the room.  Vintage pump organs and microphones, pianos, oriental rugs and the smell of coffee in the air.  This is a place where musical possibilities are endless. Anything can happen, and it does.  Years of music have soaked into these walls, you can feel it.   Will Russell is a master at the board, extremely sensitive to the fragility of the creative moment, and one of the most dedicated engineers anywhere. Period.

-Joe Crookston ( award winning singer/songwriter)




In all of my travels and recording experiences, Electric Wilburland Studio remains my favorite studio. You won't find a more supportive and complete grasp on the technical, emotional, and artistic aspects of recording anywhere in the world.

-Hank Roberts (world renown Grammy winning cellist)




"Wilburland offers two things you can't find anywhere else.  One is a room that's just magical to play in.  It sounds, looks and feels like it's not quite of this world—not in an intimidating way, but in a way that gently encourages greatness.


The other thing, of course, is Will himself.  Whether we're working with him in the studio or out on the road, we know our sound is in great hands and he always makes us feel at home.  Will lets us focus on what's really important: playing our best.


We've got great recording equipment at home, and half our band-members are part-time sound engineers.  But when it's time to stop demoing and start tracking an album, we leave home and head straight for Wilburland.  The difference there—not just in sound quality but in *performance* quality—is apparent and worth every penny."

Chris Frank (IY/New Neighbors/The Nepotist)

I've recorded several albums over the past two decades, and this is by long odds the finest studio I've been in. Will Russell is an intelligent and creative producer/engineer. He has a knack for working with people that I regard as an essential part of getting a good performance. The studio itself is bright and open, which is much better than the usual 'bomb shelter' feeling of most studios.

-Joseph Rayle (Answer The Muse)

This is my fourth trip to Electric Wilburland and in one word that covers it all : CONSISTENT. Will knows his stuff. Even if a band has a bad day Will can turn it into a good day ! You don't have to go any farther than Newfield NY to have a top -notch project done. Thanks Will and see you soon.

-Jim Battisti

Will simply knows his shit. The church environment calms you down and is very conducive to creativity. His mics, amps and various keyboards get you the sound and quality you'll love. Oh, did I mention he's a master of Pro Tools!

-Michael Callahan (Mortal Combine)

The room sounds beautiful and feels inviting as sunlight illuminates through the stained glass windows. Will is a treasure to behold, an engineer that makes sure you give him the right performance and then captures it. I would highly recommend Will to anyone looking for a studio to record at.

-Matthew Sharayko


Recorded an album with Will. Large, lovely space (it's like an old church) that really brought out the best of us. Will is knowledgeable, very easy to work with, and he is fairly flexible about things. Recordings and mixes turned out to be amazing!

-Rain Zhou


Working with Will at Wilburland is any musicians dream come true.  Will has created a space that is open, beautiful, inspiring and spawns creativity, and of course the engineering is always impeccable.
-Sim Redmond (The Sim Redmond Band)



"Our experience at Electric Wilburland has been nothing less than wonderful.  Will has the gear and knows how to use it, and the very flexible Wilburland studio space is the best we've found for our music.  But best of all, Will is an exemplary human being who knows how to communicate with musicians, and possesses the uncommon skill of turning vague adjectives into just what we want. We look forward to monopolizing his time as much as possible."
-Ron Andrico & Donna Stewart (Mignarda)




"I love working with Will. His easy going nature makes it easy for me to relax in the studio. Because he does his job so well, I can focus on my job - making music. My sessions felt like a working vacation, and I'm very happy with the finished product!"
-Jay Mankita (singer/songwriter)




"Working with Will on our cd, Eating Oranges After Dark, was a fantastic experience.  We were a bit nervous, it being our first time in the studio.  Will was such an easy and fun guy to work with, that our fears were soon calmed.  He was adept at keeping us laughing and at the same holding us to a high standard of performance. Will's experience, ear, musical sense, and technical ability would be an asset to any musical project.  My one critisism is that he wasn't crazy about Frank's moustache.  I mean, c'mon!"
-Jeff McCaffrey (Small Kings)




I would like to take the time to let everyone know in the Wilburland community how talented Will is. Not only has Will let us bring our arena rock brigade to Wilburland but he has helped us make it bigger and better!!! I would also like to make sure all of your rockers out there who see Will recording pan flutes and stuff like that...that Will can bring the rock and brings a new meaning to the word "PYRO". Anyway as far as I'm concerned Will is as good as any of the top producers in Los Angeles, and I know cuz I have recorded in some of the biggest studio's around. Will rocks and on top of that he's just a great guy to work with period!!!
-Kris Hadlock (Hadlock)




"Working with Will Russell at Electric Wilburland to make my first solo classical harp CD was a total joy.  The acoustics in the recording studio are stunning.  Will's skill as a recording technician is unparalleled.  And, despite the fact that reading music isn't Will's forte, the editing process went beautifully.  Will is an exceptional soul -- very calm, very encouraging, and very competent.  The success of the finished product is as much a result of Will's talents as it is of mine."
 -Myra Kovary (harpist)




"I have to say that my experience at Wilburland has been all good. First, I love the irony of me doing my music in what was once a church, the occasional rumble of thunder and near-miss lightning bolt notwithstanding.

Wilburland is a very comfortable environment, a syncopated combination of professional and homey and the coffee and the company are always good. But the thing I value most about Wilburland is Will Russell. He may not be a composer himself, but he's a real student of music, knows the genres, knows what sounds good and what sounds clunky.  When I'm not absolutely sure about something, it's wonderful to run it by Will for his take on it. He's honest, even if it's not what you might want to hear, and that in itself is enough to make him your best friend. Most of the time his instinct is the right thing.

When I do decide to try something unconventional, he then shifts into delivery mode to help me get what I'm looking for.

Another thing that is particularly helpful to me is Will's address book. Is there a musician within traveling distance he doesn't know?  
So if I need somebody who can wail on Andean pentatonic nose-flute in the key of M flat, Will jots down quick list of players to call.

It doesn't get much better than that."

-Spartacus Jones (composer/songwriter/cowboy)




"It is a pleasure to work with Will in his beautiful space. There is a sense of peace and serenity there that I don't feel in other recording studios. Will's gentle wit and positive attitude lend so much--it is easy to do your best under these conditions, and isn't that the point? Will knows his space and his tools--he is a master. I recommend him to you without reservation."
-Frank Campos (Professor of Trumpet, Ithaca College)




"As someone who travels a few hours to work at Wilburland, I appreciate that from the time I walk into the place it is all about comfort, focus and achieving a great sounding mix. Will knows his studio and his equipment, but as important is that is he knows how to provide an environment and support from behind the board to help you realize your goal on each song."
-George Mann (singer/songwriter/NYC)




"With so many people doing so much of their recording at home these days, professional recording studios have seen a chunk of their market disappear.  As Head Engineer and Manager of REP Studio, one of Wilburland's "would be" competitors, I've seen this first hand.
Luckily for guys like Will Russell, there's also an increasing appreciation for the kind of experience he offers.  Those of us that have worked with Will a bunch know that there's so much more involved in capturing and presenting great music than throwing a mic in front of an instrument and hitting record....  I'm extremely comfortable working with tracks he's recorded and equally comfortable sending him my tracks for mixing and/or mastering."

-Nate Silas Richardson (REP Studio)




"Working with Will is always a blast.  He's attentive, relaxed and he's got a great ear.  He knows his equipment and gets great tone on all kinds of instruments.  I hope to record another album at Electric Wilburland soon!"
-Andrew VanNorstrand (Great Bear Trio)



"Great sound, great room, and an even better engineer!  Will's still around for a damn good reason."

-Melanie Peters (Jana Losey)




"Working with Will in the studio is such a rewarding experience. I am continually astonished by how he's able to combine his knowledge of recording with a musician's vision. His ability to find the most effective way to communicate this vision to the listener is amazing. As a musician, I truly appreciate his deep respect for the music and his passion to take it to the highest level."
-Laura Orshaw




"The time I spent recording at Wilburland was one of my most memorable musical experiences.  The equipment was absolutely state of the art, the staff was friendly and knowledgeable; it felt more like a laid back jam session with friends than a high-pressure recording session.  The church where the recordings take place adds a distinctive Wilburland-vibe to the overall sound that can't be replicated in your typical recording studio.  It was fun, it was easy, and the end result sounded terrific, I couldn't have been happier with my experience at Wilburland."
-Michael Hunter (Try, Fail, Repeat, Armageddon Monks)




"one heck of a studio, one heck of an engineer!"
-Joe Davoli
(Delaney Brother's Bluegrass)




 “Working with Will and at Wilburland was a joy.  Will Russell’s guidance helped produce not only a recording that we are immensely proud of but the experience helped us become a better band. The studio was beautiful, the technology first rate and the atmosphere created by Will and staff helped us focus and create while keeping each of us loose and relaxed internally. I would recommend Wilburland & Will Russell to any musician looking to produce the best art he/she could imagine.”
-Lewis Papenfuse (Lil Anne & Hot Cayenne)




"For acoustic music, you simply can't do better than Wilburland. The space is awesome and Will really 'gets' the magic of unamplified instruments." -
-Mac Benford (Highwoods Stringband, Woodshed AllStars, UpSouth)




"Recording at Electric Wilburland...competent, hip, efficient and warm...and a little bit like that church scene in The Muppet Movie."
-Regina O'Brien




"There are studios that are fun to work in, studios that are conducive to the creation process, studios that have great equipment, great facilities.... and then there is Wilburland.  Will not only provided a top notch recording studio, and ran it with an astounding knowledge of his state-of-the-art and vintage equipment, but also quickly became one of the gang.  From rolling with our especially profane sense of humor, to dealing with our individual requests like a diplomat, to providing a comfortable living and performing environment, Will is a cut above the normal studio owner/operator.  This is place you compare all others to, and Will is a man you always remember when thinking back to the experience of creating a great recording.  Will is the man... your coffee rocks!  Thanks Will."
-MarcDupuis (PushboXX)




"In the field of folk recordings there are a lot of bands willing to travel out of state to find a studio with the knowledge and experience to produce great sounding records with acoustic instruments.  Will Russell’s studio, Electric Wilburland, should be at the top of the list for folk groups in New York State and beyond.  The studio, housed in a renovated church, is uniquely suited to the job. It combines the comfort and convenience of in-house lodging with the limitless musical possibilities of fantastic equipment and acoustics.  Will Russell is always friendly and relaxed, never adding to the stress of recording and consistently finding great solutions to problems.  We were delighted with his technical expertise, musical intuition, and his silly jokes."
-Megan Wobus Beller (Contranella)




"Will’s got skills—and that unflappable, problem-solving personality we all want our engineers to have, but only a few do..."
-Jeff Claus (HorseFlies, Boy With A Fish)




"Initially anxious about recording with a guy who appeared to have traditionally rendered his services to many genres of music which did not really include anything close to what we do, Will remained genuinely engaged and interested in our music and its content. He was supportive and kept us all on track and focused. He is a positive, insightful, genuine , talented engineer and a hell of a human being!  We couldn't have asked for anything more from Mr Russell and there was not one single negative vibe emitted from him throughout our 10 hours at Wilburland. I love this place and would recommend his services to any other punk or metal outfit who is looking for an amazing studio experience, rookie or pro.  We can't wait to get back to continue working!  "
-Adam Christensen (Muggsy's Boneyard)




"I love working with Will Russell at Electric Wilburland.  He’s fast, thinks clearly, and knows his tools inside out.  He has top of the line equipment and stays current.  I rely on his advice and experience."
-Judy Hyman (HorseFlies, Boy With A Fish, film composer)




"There is definitely a music angel hovering over Wilburland... The space is warm, inviting, comfortable and makes me want to start dancing and singing when I walk into it.  Will is brilliant at his craft and blends kindness, care, and a great sense of humor with technical expertise and two great ears. I really enjoy working with him- he strives for the best sound and is equiped all around to achieve it."
-Colleen Kattau (singer/songwriter)




"Sound guy man rules!  Long live sound guy man!
That room!  That sound!  Plus Will!
These are the reasons why we’ve recorded our last 4 projects at Wilburland.
Recording at Wilburland is a great experience in so many ways.  The emotional support is as important and as great as the technical support..."

-Diana Andersen (Paso Fino)




"This is the only studio in upstate NY that I would endorse or recommend to any of my clients past and present. Will runs a great place it is very affordable and offers world class engineering and equipment. A terrific location very conducive to creative work."
-Bob F. Acquaviva (grammy nominated eng: Boston Corporate America- Sammy award winning producer-  owned and operated ACQROK studios for 11 years)




"Recording at Wilburland is like entering a different space and is a total experience itself...
the building is a place of serenity and beauty.  Will made me feel like I was coming home by offering the use of a kitchen, the communal gathering room, the fabulous recording rooms with state of the art equipment.
Will is a talented engineer with a keen ear for all genres of music.  He offered some very helpful suggestions about the arrangements of songs.  His sense of humor kept things very light and lively.
And, he really tweaks the sound to get the maximum effect on each recording, making the final product the best it can be, and really sounding great!
The most difficult part about recording at Wilburland is having to leave.  It is the kind of experience that makes me want to come back again and again.
Will had a poster with a photo of his studio and the caption "Don't try this at home."  I will heed that advice, because there is no way I would want to miss out on the Wilburland experience.  I'm hooked.  Thanks Will."

-Shirley Ladd, (Calico Moon)




"I have recorded at Electric Wilburland since the early '90s when I worked on Martin Simpson's "When I Was On Horseback"  CD.
Will's studio is my absolute favorite place to record.  It's because the space and the finished product and Will himself are all stellar!"

-Doug Robinson, (bass player in everyone's local band)

What folks have to say.