So this is an old newsletter. Hoping to have the time to write a new one soon!

Well hello there! It's been a long time since I've sent out a newsletter!


Let's see, where do I start? 

-A very cool band from Cornell called Kenziek came and recorded a sweet jazz fusion project called The Last Bow.



-Terry Lee and Double Barrel brought his band of outlaws to record a three song demo that came out great!



-Andrew Alling recorded and mixed his second CD of really well crafted songs. With Zaun Marshburn on drums!



-Singer-songwriter Tom Mank came in to do some overdubs and also brought producer Julie Last in for a session!



-The absolutely wonderful accordion player Rachel Bell recorded tracks here and elsewhere and brought them back here to mix and the end result is nothing short of stunning! Guided masterfully by producer Andrew VanNorstrand.



-I had the incredible pleasure of mixing two brand-new Madder Rose songs with guitarist Billy Cote and just wait till you hear them!

-One of my all-time favorite musicians Dave Davies has come in a couple times to do basic tracks for an upcoming CD and you all are in for a real treat when this is done. With Al Hartland on drums, Harry Aceto on bass and Chad Lieberman on keys!



-Songwriter Paul Reidy has the common sense to hire drummer Michael Wellen, guitarist/bassist Dennis Winge, keyboard player Neil Massa and Singer Mary Bentley to flesh out his tunes and the results are excellent!



-The Van Norstrand Family together with producer Dana Billings did some tracking for an upcoming Great Bear Trio CD which is going to be pretty wild when it's done.


-I mentioned vocalist Mary Bentley, She also writes really great songs and also has the good sense to hire drummer Michael Wellen and bassist Doug Robinson to record her basic tracks. She's taking her time with this one, adding cello tracks with Sera Smolen, but when it's done it's going to be beautiful!



-Multi instrumentalist Mark Bickford has been working slowly on a very interesting mostly Irish leaning project with fiddler/guitarist/producer Tim Ball.



-Cow punk rockers the Mad Cow Tippers spent a day here recording a song for an upcoming video.


-Some fellas that I recorded a number of years ago returned as the band Royal Tease and knocked out three rocking tunes a the day!

Ithaca cover band "The TARPS"  banged out 15 almost all live covers of songs we all know and love. Look for their CD soon!

-One of the most interesting projects I've been working on is called Telltale Crossing, which involves Horse Flies percussionist Taki Masuko, banjo player Richie Stearns, and vocalists Christi Catt and Daniela Tosic. Even the rough mixes I've done sound magical…They recently brought in Peter Dodge to add euphonium… Produced by Heidi Hendricks

-Singer-songwriter George Mann promises that this will be the last CD he does in a very long time but you can never be sure with George, the songs keep flowing out of him! George spends a lot of time crafting all of the details to his fine songs and utilizes the talents of musicians like Michael Wellen, Doug Robinson, Judy Hyman, Annie Burns and Marie Burns. George and I are heading into the home stretch with this, and the mixes so far sound pretty terrific.

-And right now as I write this, Anna Coogan is rocking out with a Marshall stack upstairs with producer Matt Saccuccimorano. If you know either of these guys, I don't have to tell you how it sounds…

As if that wasn’t enough I mixed FOH at The Great Blue Heron Festival and did a bunch of gigs with the Horse Flies. Pictures below…

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