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Meet Will Russell

Grammy award-winning engineer and producer Will Russell began his career in audio at the age of 17. Will firmly believes that the secret to an amazing recording is, and always has been, a great performance: and helping clients turn a standard studio session into their best work is what he does best. He’s been inspired by decades of engineering live concerts around the country, with national acts like Rusted Root and The Horse Flies as well as regional favorites such as the Sim Redmond Band. 


In his hometown of Ithaca, Will is a local fixture of the musical community. You can hear his work in every stack of local records, and see his friendly face at every local festival and teaching Advanced Audio Production at Ithaca College. But over the years his base of operations has bounced from the heart of the downtown hustle and bustle, to the beautiful historic church in Newfield, NY: Electric Wilburland. It’s been 25 years since he first opened the old oak doors to welcome in his first band into the renovated sanctuary, and he still upholds his reputation for expert engineering skills and a synergistic approach to the recording process. From morning coffee to afternoon mic shoot-outs, the Wilburland experience is an escape to finding the perfect performance, and capturing the moments that make music great.


In 2009, Will recorded the Grammy award-winning Douga Mansa with renowned kora player Mamadou Diabate. He continues to record lauded folk records with Joe Crookston, George Mann, and other regional favorites, as well as experiment with collaborations from songwriters around the country through remote mixing sessions. From rock to bluegrass to classical, musicians of all genres find inspiration, whimsy, and introspective moments in the beautiful walls of Wilburland, and with Will as a comrade-in-art.

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